Yoga Every Damn Day

Forward Fold

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for five years or so. It’s my go-to remedy for the chronic back pain I suffer through, and I really enjoy doing it. That said, I don’t really follow any plans or have any goals, and feel that the lack of structure is what keeps me from making it a habit. That picture of me is after a serious effort at getting flexible, […]

A New Personal Best in the Slipped Discus

I’ve hurt my back many times, but this one was medal-worthy. Note: This is a story from Oct 22, 2020, which I posted on Medium instead of here. I’m correcting that mistake now. Have you ever completely forgotten your own limitations? Maybe you’ve drunk far more alcohol than your body can handle, or even jumped in a pool when you can’t swim. Due to overzealous weightlifting and long-distance running, my […]

A Return to YouTube?

It’s been 8 years since my last video on the Long Countdown YouTube channel, and I’m sorely tempted to post something new. Living where I do, in central Japan, I’m well positioned to make my own lifestyle/travel/adventure videos, and I’m not that far off the magic 1,000 subscriber mark. That said, if I did return to YouTube, I’d have to set some ground rules: Be authentic Just be me. That […]

Keeping Life Interesting

In my last blog post I talked about how lazy I’ve become since I stopped trying to impress people. But no matter how I spin it, sitting around watching YouTube is no way to live life. Ironically, it’s people on YouTube that inspire me the most. I’ve become fascinated by adventurous and brave young women building a tiny house in the mountains, living in a Prius or traveling the world […]