Kazuko Hosoki predicts a great year!

Hosoki Kazuko

Well for me at least. Apparently I’m a Tennoseijin (a kind of sun sign, I think) which is derived from my date and time of birth, and every 12 years you get one great year. Though I don’t follow astrology, or even read my horoscope, my wife does and she seems to know a lot.

Most of Mami’s knowledge of astrology comes from reading Kazuko Hosoki’s books. The ‘queen’, as she’s known, is Japan’s most famous fortune teller. Formerly a chef, and owner of a number of restaurants, Hosoki has made a fortune… telling fortunes! She has written over 100 books, including many best sellers, and according to Japan Today, she commands 4 or 5 million yen per TV show, which exceeds a typical ESL teacher’s annual income!

The Japan Probe labelled her as pure evil:

If you live outside of Japan, you may recognize her as one of the stricter judges on the Japanese cooking show ‘Iron Chef’. If you live in Japan and own a TV, you will probably recognize her as a mean old fortuneteller who appears on TV nearly every day. I guess a lot of Japanese people like to listen to her give condescending speeches on how other people are wrong, stupid, and/or heading towards misfortune. Why so many people seem to like this mean-spirited old woman is beyond me.

Expo1970 on the D-Addicts forum posted:

Hosoki Kazuko needs to be taken off of TV. She’s vulgar, self-righteous, and unnecessarily influential.

Certainly, most of the people I’ve asked don’t like her. She shoots from the hip without any fear of being impolite, and is famous for lines such as “You’re going to hell!” and “You have a snake on your back!” I’ve also heard her tell one female celebrity she should stay home and look after her husband, and I remember her telling Thane Camus, a popular foreign celebrity who came to Japan when he was a young child, to go back to the States!

However, people remain fascinated by her predictions, and while she sees good things for a Tennouseijin like me, I’ll be listening carefully. Rock on 2007!

P.S. While preparing for this post, I came across Sky View Zone, which had a remarkably accurate description of my personality, using sun signs. Check it out.

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  1. Loved the line, she makes a fortune by telling fortunes!!!! haha….

    anyway who else regularly reads this blog besides me? identify yourself!!!

    i read it cause its fun and because Nick is a good friend of mine…. how about you?

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    However, if I remove the registration requirement, I “predict” this blog, or at least my email box, will be spammed to death!

    So no pressure you LongCountdown readers. I know you’re there because my site stats tell me so (as opposed to my crystal ball). I’m just happy if you keep coming back and enjoy what you read.

    1. Since my last comment, I’ve now enabled commenting without the need to login or register, and I’ve installed Spam Karma to delete the spam!

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