My new Office 2007

With the impending release of Microsoft’s Windows Vista and Office 2007, I thought it was only appropriate to give you a tour of my new little home office for 2007. (Sorry if you came here looking for news on Vista and Office 2007!)

So, having moved house, I now have a whole room for my stuff. Check it out:

My home office

Starting with the room itself, you can see the floor is made up of six traditional Japanese tatami mats, which I like to cover so as not to damage them too much. The windows are bay windows, so if you pull back those Japanese paper windows, you’ve a got plenty of room for flowers, or junk you want to hide!

Speaking of flowers, I just got those plastic yellow chrysanthemums the other day at the 100 yen shop. I thought they’d be perfect, but Mami says they are used at funerals in Japan, and as a gift to send when someone passes away…. hmm… oops!

The computer stand isn’t a computer stand at all, it’s really a recycled microwave stand, and the clothes rack is actually a coffee table!

No office is complete without a “president’s chair”, which isn’t looking so royal covered with that rug, but it’s freezing in the mornings and that leather isn’t half cold. You might also be able to see a small electric heater under the table next to my bright green foot massager from the 100 yen shop. That damn heater is so easy to forget to turn off, I swear it’ll cause a fire. Still, in this weather it’s worth the risk.

Other than that, there’s a stereo, bookshelves, built-in wardrobe (for my boxes of wires, cables and adapters I’ve collected over the years). a packet of multi-vitamins, an empty bottle of lemon water, an empty can of beer, and oh, a couple of neat things like the cordless phone which goes “ding-dong” when someone’s at the front door, and my new wireless internet radar (that white thing by the flowers).

So, you may be wondering what exactly I do in my office? Well, it’s where I spend about six hours a day (two before work and four at night), working on my websites and planning various internet projects to make me rich and famous!

Ah, good timing, the cordless is ringing which means Mami must have made me a cup of hot chocolate. Better go downstairs…

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3 thoughts on “My new Office 2007

  1. Wow, Nick as your #1 reader I think it looks great. It really looks like you can really get the business uh business done there! Its cool that you have a whole room to yourself and it looks very spacious! Now all you need is a copy of the uh Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, uuuhhhh New York City.. uhhh you gotta be smart uhh , gotta use your brain uh… yeah!!!!

  2. It’s crazy to think I actually used to live in an apartment that size! In Tokyo, you’d probably pay around 80,000 yen a month in rent for that alone. I can’t believe my mortgage repayments are so cheap, yet I have so much space to live in… it certainly helps living in the countryside though.

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