Baby in Progress – 4 months pregnant

It’s been four months now since Mami became pregnant and I’ve been posting each time she’s come back from the clinic with a new photo. If you missed the previous posts, here are the photos so far. It’s fascinating to see how ‘Peanut’ has grown. We started at six weeks with nothing visible except for a tiny nutrient bag..

Peanut at six weeks

Just one week later and we got to see Peanut for the first time (the mouse-like blob on the right of the big black bubble thing (excuse my lack of scientific terminology!).

Peanut at seven weeks

After 9 weeks, Peanut was quite visible with his or her little arms and legs and Lego-style helmet.

Peanut at 9 weeks

Now at 4 months, Peanut has grown substantially. The photo is a bit naff, but you can see him or her hiding behind the big, lumpy lump thing. Apparently Peanut is still only about seven centimeters tall (long?), but his or her mum’s tummy is now beginning to show. Fortunately, Peanut is not as camera shy as Mami, so doesn’t mind me posting these pics!

Peanut at 4 months

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One thought on “Baby in Progress – 4 months pregnant

  1. wow. i thought these scan images looked familiar—they are almost identical to mine—as i am also pregnant in japan. friend’s baby scans from the UK and the States are far less clear, and they also get scans less frequently. in this regard,we are lucky to be doing this here. 🙂

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