Shall we dance?

In my post Ballroom dancing in Japan I told you how I got into dancing, and it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned it again. So for the record, I haven’t given up and I still take lessons once a week. My wife Mami, on the other hand, stopped going when she learned she was pregnant about four months ago.

M-sensei and I in ballroom action

This has caused a bit of a problem because I’m a man, and my teacher, M-sensei, is also… a man. This means that I spend my Friday nights dancing hand in hand with another bloke! Should I give up? In my first post on ballroom dancing I talked about how important it was for me to have a hobby I can share with Mami, but now I find myself dancing with a man!

As gay as it looks to be doing the rhumba, or waltzing around the room, arm in arm with my teacher, I feel it’s good for me to be doing something other than stare into my computer screen in my free time. If I’m not standing in front of a class of six-year olds, then I’m at my desk working on my websites. Fortunately, Mami is very forgiving despite the amount of time I spend in my office… at least while my adventures on the net are paying for our mortgage and bills.

I’ve been ballroom dancing for nearly as long as I’ve been working on my websites, and while my net earnings continue to grow, my dancing skills are improving too. While they may seem unrelated, I’m not taking any chances, so come on guys! Shall we dance?

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4 thoughts on “Shall we dance?

  1. Hey Nick,

    You crack me up! Dancing with another man…. and I love the picture you included! Good for you! Its cool that you are still going and I agree that its important to have something else to do other than be on the computer all day! I should learn to dance!

  2. I just could not help myself making a comment here!! Nick you a man amongst men and I’m so happy to see some gaiety in your dance steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You never needed Mami to make youself a man and it brings tears to my eyes. So be it that they are tears of laughter but it is something that you should be proud of and I’m sure one day you will be roving around the dance floor with the fleet footedness of the great Fred Astaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, as a fellow Brit, do you remember the episode of “Steptoe and Son” where the old man taught Harold all the woman’s steps??
    I once toyed with the idea of going to ballet classes, (for posture, eh urm!) but bottled it. Though i did try on a leotard……… (^0^)

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