Japanese manners – part 1

In England, if you’re talking in a movie theater, there’s a good chance the person behind you will tell you to ‘shut it’. If you drop litter in the street, someone might pick it up and throw it back at you. If you’re eating, drinking, walking, smoking, or even peeing in a place you shouldn’t, someone is likely to call you up for it.

Half way around the world however, things are quite different. The Japanese are a quiet bunch who will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation. As a result, it’s up to public service announcements to remind people of the rules.

The first video in this series of posts is about dropping litter. I don’t recall actually seeing this one on TV, but it highlights a serious problem in Japan – that of throwing trash in someone’s bicycle basket! Watch how the rubbish is passed from basket to basket until one poor guy at the end gets to take it home with him.

I’ll admit to having had litter thrown in my own bike basket, and like everyone else, I passed it on to the next. Shame on me.

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2 thoughts on “Japanese manners – part 1

  1. Hmm I think I saw someone do this the night we were out in Nagoya… (i am not talking about Nick either….) kind of funny how that person happened to do that in front of us, even though they never knew that you wrote this article…

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