Mami becomes a housewife

This evening, we ordered a pizza to celebrate my wife’s last day of work. I’m not so sure she should be eating pizza, but I guess she’s got two mouths to feed.

Mami only worked at the hospital for a year, but it felt like much longer. Rarely a day went by wihtout her coming home three hours late, absolutely exhausted. You hear stories all the time of Japanese people working ridiculously long hours, and nurses are no exception. The amount of “required overtime” she did was a joke, and I had wanted her to quit much earlier.

She originally handed in her notice back in November, with the intention of finishing at the end of March. Her supervisors agreed to this for just a week before asking her to stay until the end of May, without really giving her the option of saying no. Even when eight months pregnant, her immediate boss was still giving her a hard time about finishing up, implying that if she had planned to get pregnant, she should never have accepted the job in the first place. Anyway, here we are, one week into June, and she has finally left.

So, what happens now? Well, with less than two months to go before Rikuto’s birth, I just hope she gets some much needed rest. You can see how big the baby has got, and you can even see when he moves around in her tummy, which is both wonderful and weird! Unfortunately, Mami is quite shy, and isn’t too keen on me taking photos of her stomach to put on the Internet. Sorry guys!

Now of course, I have the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner. We should still be quite comfortable, but I’ll be working even harder to make sure things stay that way. I don’t see Mami ever going back to work at the hospital, at least not that one. She may well take on some kind of part-time work in the future. Hopefully though, that will be through choice rather than necessity.

In the meantime, the only request I have made is that she makes me a cup of coffee every morning. I really don’t function properly without my morning dose of caffeine.

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2 thoughts on “Mami becomes a housewife

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming child! Pizza was definitely a great choice to celebrate the last day on the job for your wife. ( That would be my choice anyway…) As a relatively new blogger myself, I always enjoy checking up on your postings and I really appreciate your tips ( such as Payperpost, etc.) I haven’t been blogging long enough to qualify but I’ll be following up when I can 🙂

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