Japanese Kids Shoes

Most of my students are elementary school kids, and I’ve recently noticed so many of them wearing the same kind of shoes, that I just had to take a picture.

New Japanese Shoes - the latest craze?

I can only assume that this is the latest craze sweeping the nation. I doubt they’ll take the world by storm like Pokemon did, but still I can’t imagine any kid wanting any other shoes. I mean, if they did, where would they stick their little Cookie Monster and fruit buttons?

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11 thoughts on “Japanese Kids Shoes

  1. The Netherlands are separated in two camps this summer: Crocs lovers and Crocs haters.

    Most small children wear them nowadays over here, either the branded ones or the cheap(er) ones you buy at the market or a store called Bristol (“shoes for less”).

    I don’t mind sweaty children’s feet in these plastic clogs, but I can’t stand all the adults wearing them proudly. Even at work, sigh…

  2. Hey Net Buddy 4 Life,

    Yeah those shoes are kind of popular here but they seem to have been around for at least a year here. But Im sure that in Japan its the must have for every kid as nobody wants to be different!

  3. OH MY GOSH, that looks exactly like something an American I know wears. Only without all the childish buttons. heee hee hee

  4. G,day Nick,
    To be honest mate, have seen them around for quite a while here in Japan and a lot of the kids at IKA wear them. I might just ask one of the mothers when they became popular!!
    I do feel that I need to buy a pair simply because I’m MR. Vain and need to keep up with the fashion scene. I will have the staff find the cute buttons as they are obviously important. I’m sure you will be able to find them in the local night clubs and any trendy place around town!!!
    Maybe you and I can both buy a pair and be real cool for a day walking around the city!! Gosh we would be cool gaijin!!!!!
    Cheers and hope to see you real soon!!!
    Get your secretary on to it now mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (The buttons it is all about the buttons!!!)

  5. Hey Nick,

    Crocs are HUGE here in Victoria as well, actually they’ve already peaked and we are not seeing them quite as often. It seems like a rule of thum that once a tendy item reaches the “Dollar Store” level, its a pretty good indication that the trend is near an end.

    I would give you a buck for a picture of you and Keith in some night club with Crocs on.


  6. I proudly wore my new Islander Crocs to the super trendy VIP guests only area at the MOndrial in L.A. last weekend. I got a few fun comments from people who liked my $dollar sign jibbitz on 1 pair and smiley face on the other. I almost only wear crocs now because I’ve gotten so used to the comfort and lightness that my other shoes feel restrictive when I put them on. I’m waiting for the men’s black leather dress shoe to become available that I saw in their flagship store in Santa Monica. As they say “once you go Crocs, you never go back”

  7. Crocs are big in Australia too – although not this time of year in my part of the country cos we’re mid-winter and it’s really cold! I have heard they are actually very comfortable but I haven’t succumbed to the fashion (yet!).

  8. There are too many companies making Croc Charms , Jibbitz , shoes dooles etc… But Check out the EMBOBAG Charms , It’s Czech and Swaroski Crystal Charms. Dazy Flower Crystal Charms are beautiful , Hot and Sparkle~ !! Its the best one out there.

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