Is Rikuto a Cry Baby or a Cry Bug?

Rikuto - a cry bug!Lately, my wife has been referring to Rikuto as a nakimushi because he keeps crying. Sure enough, if he’s not being held or given a tour of the house, he’s crying.

The word nakimushi comes from the words naku, which means to cry, and mushi, which means bug or insect. In English, we commonly refer to someone who cries a lot as a cry baby, because that’s what babies do.

Why then, are Japanese cry babies called “cry bugs”? I don’t know, but you can see how I imagine Rikuto when he’s called a cry bug!

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2 thoughts on “Is Rikuto a Cry Baby or a Cry Bug?

  1. C’mon Mike stop being a suck!! He is starting to look like Nick more and more so how is that a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now to make matters worse, he has turned into a “Crybug” haa haa haa!!!
    If Mami’s genes can fight back Nick’s, he will grow up looking quite the handsome devil but mmmmmmmm we can’t have a Nicky lookalike roving the streets now can we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The term “Nakimushi” is new to me Nick and I should be ashamed considering I’m around kids so much. I see how strange it is and the way you put it made it really strange haa haa haa!!
    My little mate is no “crybug” and apart from Mami, if I hear anyone calling him that, I will have to get nasty !!!!!!!!!!!!! Call him a cry-baby yeah but a crybug mmmmmmmmmmm it does not sound good especially after you did what you did with his body haa haa haa!!

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