Price Increase for Cheese in Japan

My favorite cheeseI love cheese, so it came as quite a shock to hear that from March next year the price of cheese in Japan will rise by up to 25%. As if cheese here wasn’t expensive enough, it’s likely to become a delicacy afforded only by the wealthy.

What happened to the cows?

Good question. You might wonder what would cause such a dramatic increase. Are there too many cheese eaters? Will there be fewer cows from next March? Is grass more expensive than it used to be? Perhaps the cows are on strike? These are some of the questions I’ve been pondering. I mean, how can they justify a 25% price hike in cheese and other dairy products?

Blame it on the oil!

Mami says that rising oil prices are to blame, and who am I to disagree. Oil seems to be responsible for everything these days. It makes you wonder whether companies are jumping on the “blame the oil” bandwagon, using it as an excuse to increase their profit margins. I’m sure I could charge more for English lessons with some logical reasoning such as:

“I’m terribly sorry but as you may have heard, cheese will be more expensive next year… so, in order to by it, I’m going to need more money. I’m afraid I’m going to have to increase your tuition fees. Sorry, but this is Japan and it can’t be helped… blame it on the oil.”

Quit cheese or cut costs elsewhere?

The rise in the price of cheese leaves us with a very difficult decision to make. Should we give up a little cheddar to accomodate the price hike, or sacrifice something else and continue to satisfy our cheese cravings? Cast your vote below, and if you choose to continue eating cheese, what will you give up instead? Let me know in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Price Increase for Cheese in Japan

  1. I forgot to answer my own question, but if I can’t earn more to cover the higher cost of cheese, I’ll give up energy drinks. Gulp! Just the thought gives me shivers! 😯

  2. Giving up energy drinks would be better than giving up cheese. I’m not a big fan of the Japanese cheese, so I’m already used to paying an arm and a leg for some imported Canadian brands (only the real deal will do). But if it goes up any more, then I’ll give up my once a month treat 😕

  3. As you proabably already know Nick, the above blue packet of cheese is my favourite and to come in here this morning and see this news has really not made my day!! (I may have even put you on to this cheese)
    If it isn’t enough that they have to finger-print us gaijin, sheesh this has got to be a direct attack on us as we all know Japanese do not eat the stuff in the same volume as we do!!
    At any given time there is a empty cheese wrap in my car and mmm I may have to really cut back on the expenses. There goes my wife’s Xmas present!! I’m sure she will understand as we can’t have everything now can we!!
    Has anyone asked the cows how they feel??? They may feel cheated that their life-long dreams of supplying cheap cheese has now been taken away !!!
    This is Xmas, how can they do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s not real cheese to begin with but the heavily processed stuff that I wouldn’t even buy in Australia.
    25% isn’t that much considering what a small portion cheese would make up of your weekly groceries budget. Right?

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