Mami’s Pink Car – The Lapin

A short while ago, a reader asked to see a picture of my wife’s pink car that I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts. Although I say it’s Mami’s car, I tend to drive it more than she does because the baby goes in the baby chair on the back seat, and Mami sits with him while I drive.

Mami's pink Lapin

So, not only do I go ballroom dancing with another man every Friday night, I also drive a pink car! I never asked for this life of gaiety, one minute I was dancing with my wife and driving a silver Suzuki Wagon R, and look at me now!

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10 thoughts on “Mami’s Pink Car – The Lapin

  1. It is what it is mate, you drive a pink car and dance with a man. Don’t be ashame to come out. Actually I feel you have already by simply saying this on your blog and I’m proud of you mate!!
    You do have some manly attributes though and I get the feeling that you may be a touch confused about your sexuality. Take time out Nick and think deeply about what men and women do for you and should you feel that you need a man in your life, or another deeper pink car in your life, we will all understand because we care!!!
    In my eyes, you will always be Nick and that will never change even if you do have roving eyes for me haa haa haa!!
    PS. Your post did really crack me up! Oh yeah, you may have seen those bright little pink VW vans that young women drive and if you need to know where you can get one, feel free to ask! (I kinda like them myself!)

  2. Aaah you do know that i said “You had a cute arse” one time haa haa haa!!

    I won’t comment any further than that, on that subject haa haa haa

  3. Hi there! I’ve just come across your blog from somewhere I can’t recall, and very interesting it is too :-). But either my monitor is playing up, or the car in the photo doesn’t look particularly pink. Anyway, just be thankful it’s not decorated with Hello Kitty or anything.

      1. A pink-tinged grey maybe. But as I said, on my monitor ;). Thanks for the JapanSoc link, it looks like a very useful site. I will have a better look when I have a bit of free time for blog beautification.

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