Need a Time Out

After a hectic week of changing servers, I deserve a

And that’s what I got when I went into the Family Mart convenience store and saw only the 4th major western chocolate bar I’ve ever seen in Japan. We’ve had Snickers, Kit-Kat, and Aero, and now Time Out! Woot!

Imagine only having a choice of three chocolate bars? Thank goodness we now have four! 😛

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6 thoughts on “Need a Time Out

  1. I thought they stopped making Time Out in the UK, or did I read that it recently made a come-back? Anyway, I never really liked Time Out myself…

  2. Wow, Nick! That’s amazing.I thought you could get all the bars there. I am sitting here eating a bar of Galaxy, my favourite. I shouldn’t really because Dad has just treated me to a three course Chinese lunch.

    Keep chomping!


  3. Aero? I don’t suppose that include the mint ones? God I miss mint and chocolate (and, no, this year’s mentholated drinks don’t really count lol.)

  4. To be honest, I’m only batting 2/3 for the western candy bars I’ve tried here. I like the KitKats and the Snickers, but I find that the Aero they sell here is pasty and flavourless. I will be curious to try the Time Out and see if that takes me up to 75% or down to 50%.

    The Japanese-branded chocolate is all fairly pointless. My favourite now is to go to the supermarket and get a Cadbury Dairy Milk (or a Fruit&Nut) since they have them in many supermarkets, at least in Tokyo.

  5. I think you’re all missing the point;

    The point is, Nick needs to get out of the countryside for a week before all of his future posts start relating to goods recently available for sale in his neighborhood.

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