Wanted: Michael Jackson look-a-like

Mami and I were waiting at City Hall today when I noticed this ‘Most Wanted’ poster. I thought the woman in the middle looked incredibly like Michael Jackson. What do you think?

Michael Jackson Wanted?

It beats me how anyone who looks so similar to the so-called King of Pop would be able to avoid capture for long… unless it really is Michael Jackson!

Let’s compare! Which of the following three is NOT Michael Jackson?

The real Michael?The real Michael?The real Michael?
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One thought on “Wanted: Michael Jackson look-a-like

  1. It is me and I was hiding out in Japan until you horribly exposed the truth of my whereabouts!! How could you do this to me. I love children and all the wonderful people of the world and would not even hurt a cockroach even if it climb in bed with me!!!
    I would say “come in little roachy and let’s sleep our worries away!!”.

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