Add color to your child’s drawings

Apart from a few Action Man and Star Wars figures I had when I was a kid, I’m not really into dolls. However, there’s a website called The Doll Palace which has a new section that should appeal to parents. The new Coloring Pages section has a wonderful choice of ready-made, black and white drawings. All you have to do is choose one, use the color palette to add bright, bold colors, and print! You can even upload your own pictures, or better yet, your child’s drawings.

As an English teacher, I’m particularly happy to find an Education category, which has a bunch of alphabet drawings. What do you think of this bumblebee I gave some color to?

B is for bumblebee - before B is for bumblebee - after

Although the site is really aimed at teenage girls, the coloring pages can be used by anyone. Imagine how surprised your children would be if you took one of their drawings, uploaded it to the site (making sure you’ve “closed” the outlines so that the colors don’t flood the whole page) and then stuck it on the fridge door!

If you register with The Doll Palace (which is free), you can even save your pictures and bookmark the URL so that you or your kids can color them again, or even let other people color them. Why not send the link to the grandparents so they can see the drawings, too!

Okay, I decided to try it out for myself. Here’s a picture of me. I’ve called it “Happy Face”, and you can access the picture and re-color it yourself with this URL: Enjoy!

A picture of me at The Doll Palace.

This post is sponsored by The Doll Palace.

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3 thoughts on “Add color to your child’s drawings

  1. If you’ve got Corel Draw, you can do this right at home. Corel has the coolest trace tool. All you do is open trace and press Aquire (this triggers the scanner). The resulting image is brought up. Its best then to convert the file to a B&W image then all you have to do is press the process button. On most simple images, like the ones my kids draw, it takes only 2 seconds. Thats it. You now have a fully vectorized version of that raster image your kids drew. I then just copy and paste it into Corel Draw and colour away. Its great and the kids love it. First, the vectorization cleans their lines up so it looks like they are great illustrators. Plus having the colours makes it look sooo good. Like Nick says, you just have to make sure the gaps are eliminated so that you get a vector clean image, otherwise the colours will bleed.

    Tons of fun.


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