Watching Movies at Home

About four years ago, I took the plunge and bought a 37-inch wide screen plasma TV. At the time, it was awesome. I hooked it up to a surround sound home theater system and invited all my friends around to my place for video games and movie nights.

As the years passed, my TV looked smaller and smaller compared to the newer, larger models in the shops, and my beloved 37″ screen just became ordinary. While it sits happily in the living room, I fitted out our bedroom with a projector and hooked that up to a home theater system. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to watch movies, 100 inches wide, from the comfort of your own bed. However, there is a problem…

What do I do when friends come to visit? We can’t all jump in the bed now can we?! No. I need a solution that that will enhance my viewing pleasure, and that of my friends and family, too. Introducing Berkline home theater seating. You can see the chairs in the picture but you’ll have to visit the website ( the full impact of this home theater seating. Each chair reclines and has a subwoofer built into it so you can feel the vibrations of the bass as the movie plays. Of course, since these chairs were designed for your own home theater, they come with cup holders in the arm rests!

This is just so cool! With high definition TV, huge plasma or LCD screens, and projectors all getting bigger and cheaper, I can see the end of traditional movie theaters. Watching at home is the future, and if you’re not watching from a Berkline seat with a “ButtKicker” subwoofer, then you’re just not watching! 😉

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