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BabyNamer.comChoosing a name for a baby can be a difficult task. I wrote about how we decided to call our son Rikuto before, but I was surfing the web and found BabyNamer.com, an interesting look into the background of names you might be considering. There are currently 23,000 names, mostly English, in their database, and the front page lists some of the more popular ones.

Naturally, I typed in my own name and learned that “its source is Nikolaos, a Greek name meaning Victorious people.” It also “contains an element derived from Nike, the name of the Greek goddess of victory.” So now you know why the sports company Nike is called Nike, if you didn’t already.

Nick's pageThe “Namesakes” page lists famous people with the same name, unfortunately I don’t recognize anyone other than golfer, Nick Faldo. When searching for Nicholas however, it brought up the St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus.

The “Similar” page lists exactly as you’d expect, names similar to the one you’re looking at. In my case I get such popular names as Niek, Nga, Ngoc, and Ness

Finally, BabyNamer.com lists drawbacks of the name you’re searching for, and this is where we really have some fun. If you’re going to name your child, you might want to avoid calling him Nick. Here’s why:

The drawbacks of being called Nick

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