Our 2-Way Japanese Fridge Door

Some of you know that all I need a fridge for is beer, cheese and chocolate. At least, that was until I married Mami and we moved into together. It wasn’t long before her mum bought us a new fridge for our wedding present, and Mami filled it up with everything I should eat.

As well as the lovely orangey colour, this fridge is extra special becuase its door opens in each direction. Take a look for yourself:

Japanese 2-Way Door Fridge Freezer 

The worst thing about Japanese fridges is the ridiculously small freezer compartment, even in modern ones. In the photo above, the only part for frozen food is the cabinet in the bottom-right corner. 

Are 2-way fridge doors the norm in other countries, or are they a Japanese luxury?

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5 thoughts on “Our 2-Way Japanese Fridge Door

  1. I think a lot of the new fridges are being designed this way as it is easy for manufacturers to do and gives them a bigger market! Its all about the business business!

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