Elementary School Teacher Loves Dolch Words

I got a very nice email today from an elementary school teacher who wrote to thank me for my Dolch Words website:

Feedback for Dolch-Words.comI love your dolch word website. I use the phrase activities all the time. It has helped with improving fluency and accuracy in a fun way. My students grades 1-5 enjoy the dice game and the rock-paper-scissors. We use all the activities and I have passed it on to other teachers. Thanks so much.

Forgive me for bragging, but it’s a real pleasure getting positive feedback like this. Not only is the teacher happy, but so are the children who use and learn from the material on the site. And when it is passed on to other teachers, who knows how many children I’m indirectly helping to read! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Elementary School Teacher Loves Dolch Words

    1. Actually, I used to have a feedback form on all my sites but they got hijacked and used for spam, so I had to remove them. Now, I get less feedback because people have to dig out my email address and copy it into their email client. That’s why it’s extra special to get positive feedback.

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