Life Changing Moments from 2007

2007 was an eventful year, starting with fortune teller Kazuko Hosoki predicting that it would be the best year for me in over a decade. I’m not really into astrology, but she wasn’t far off with that prediction.

My Top 5 Life Changing Moments from 2007

5. Taking better care of my health

On July 1st, I put out my last cigarette. With a baby on the way, I wanted to be a responsible father so gave up a habit I had had for about ten years. Being smoke-free for half a year, I can’t say that I feel much healthier, but I do know my stress levels have increased and I have no fingernails left. Smoking was the best bad habit I ever had and I miss it dearly, but at least I made a life-changing decision, instead of a life-ending one.

4. Becoming the sole breadwinner

Two months before Rikuto was born, Mami gave up her job at the hospital. She had more time to prepare for the baby and became noticably happier without the demands of work upon her. However, that left me solely responsible for supporting the family, and I wasn’t going to let them down!

3. A change in perception

2007 was the year I wisened up. It started with some research into the terrorist attacks on New York, and resulted in me spending sleepless nights reading up everything I could find on the topic. I discovered there is very little substance in the “official” story the public were fed by the media, and a mountain of information supporting a contradicting theory. The lack of interest in what would be the biggest scandal in a hundred years saddened me, and I blame the money-hungry media for manipulating the public and removing our ability to think for ourselves. Not anymore. I’m sceptical of everything now.

2. Moving house

We started 2007 in our new house, and while not technically new, it was in excellent condition and perfect for us to start a family in. Buying a house was a life-changing moment for me because it forced me to agree to a lifetime in Japan. I don’t mean that in a bad way, and of course we could always sell it, but I am now focused on raising a family here in Kakamigahara.

1. The birth of our son, Rikuto.

Since late 2006, I had been blogging about Mami’s pregnancy and posting photos of ultrasound scans. When Rikuto came into the world on July 22nd, he didn’t just change my life, he became my life! From that day forth, everything I do has been with Ricky in mind, and that’s why I my son is the winner of the Top Life Changing Moment award!

I’ll wrap up the year with a photo slideshow I’ve put together called 2007 – The Year of The Baby. Let me wish all my readers a Happy New Year, and I hope you’ll join me again in 2008 – the year I become self employed!

If you can’t view the video, watch it here on YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “Life Changing Moments from 2007

  1. There is really some food for thought i your blog, Nick. I didn,t know you smoked. I have never seen you smoking. We love the video. There are lots of photos I have not got. Is it possible to download them individually from the video. luv Mum

    1. Yeah, sorry about the smoking thing. I know how much you worry. Let’s just call it a Japanese custom and I was trying to fit in with the locals. The only reason I’m telling you now is because I’ve quit! 🙂

      I’m afraid you can’t download the pictures, but I’ll copy them all onto a CD and send it to you for your birthday, how does that sound?

  2. WTC surprising?

    In 1976 A Govt. review of the Warren report concluded that there was a
    “High probability that there was a conspiracy involved in the death of President Kennedy”

    and the follow-up was……..?

    Don’t let anything surprise you.

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