Rikuto’s First Birthday

It’s been a whole year since Mami was whisked off to hospital in an ambulance as Rikuto made a rather dramatic entrance into the world. Boy, they sure grow up fast!

We took the little “Person of Continents” to our local shopping center to have a really cheapskate party in front of the birthday party goods in the toy section.

He then went for a ride in a flashy, red sports car!

After he drove us home, we had a video conferencing party with Granny and Grandad Don Don, and somehow Rikuto managed to blow out the candles on a cake in England!

Blowing out a candle in another continent is one thing, but his grandmother couldn’t get the cake down the telephone line and Rikuto got a bit upset. Fortunately, we had a cake of our own for him.

At the end of the day, our little one-year old was quite content with his first birthday.

For his family on the other side of the world who haven’t been able to watch hime grow up quite as we have, here’s a video compilation of footage from July 2008. It’s quite long, so you might want to make a cup of tea first.

The next year should be very exciting as Ricky learns to walk and talk! Stay tuned for more updates.

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12 thoughts on “Rikuto’s First Birthday

  1. It has gone quick Nick and Mami and obviously a present will be on the way soon. I was thinking of buying him a real red sports car but mmmm you would have nowhere to park it!!
    Congrats to Rikuto and to both of you!!!!

  2. A brilliant video Nick. We are just going to Crowborough. Will look at it properly when we come back.

  3. Excellent video Ricky you arer the star and I am so looking forward for you to take me for a ride in your new red sports car, but can you keep that noisy mut of a dog away from me thanks,from uncle Mark, If you are lucky maybe you can have another 15 birthdays and don’t forget the older you become the more expensive the gift next go for a porsche.

  4. Mark, Don’t give him ideas. I love the video Nick. We have watched half a dozen times already and I have videoed it onto my camera to take to Italy next week to show his great grandmother and great grandad Brian. They will love it too. You and Mami have done a wonderful job with Rikuto. He is a lovely little boy. Well done!

  5. gosh, ONE YEAR OLD!!
    i’m kind of curious about when Rikuto is going to start talking. he’ll be bilingual, so it might take even up to one more year. plus, japanese is totally different from any european language. do you speak english to him a lot?

    1. Hi Flor, thanks for keeping up with the Rikuto posts! I always speak to him in English, and since I work at home now, I spend a fair bit of time with him. But, it’s kind of hard talking to someone who doesn’t talk back! The best he can do at the moment in English or Japanese is say “ooooh!”. 🙂

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