Ramsay’s Round Up – April 3, 2013

Here’s a quick round up of my recent training:

On Monday, the day after the Kakamigahara Half-Marathon, I cycled 33km.

On Tuesday, I hiked and ran my way across a mountain range in Inuyama. Over 9km, I scaled Mt. Hatobuki and Mt. Nishi, both for the first time.

On Wednesday I went swimming.

On Thursday I ran twice; 5K in the morning and 10K in the afternoon.

On Friday I went for a bike ride. It was short, but included three big climbs up Mt. Donguri.


I finished the week on Saturday with a 32km long run in the beautiful area of Hichiso in Gifu. I tried to run at my target marathon pace, but was struck down with foot and knee pain towards the end. With less than two weeks to go to the Kakegawa Marathon, I’m resting, icing my foot, and doing loads of leg raises to strengthen my hips and hopefully stave off any more knee injuries.

I got a few things in the mail, too. First, I got the bike pedals and shoes I ordered from Wiggle UK. The shoes were too small, as expected. I actually realized they’d be too small a minute after ordering them and tried to cancel, but Wiggle had already started processing the order. Anyway, I’ve been in touch with them now and a larger size are currently on a plane over Siberia.


I got my Japan Triathlon Union membership card which looks very fancy. It gives me discounts at a couple of sports clubs that I’ve never heard of before!

I also got my race information for the Imizu Triathlon in July. Sure enough, it’s had the name changed from “Ebie Triathlon” because the bike course crosses the new suspension bridge, taking in more of the city than just the Ebie marine park. I look forward to riding on that!


Finally, I got my bib number and race package for next week’s Kakegawa Marathon in Shizuoka. One of the reasons I chose Kakegawa was because I wouldn’t have to go the day before to check-in since they mail you your bib number in advance. As it turns out, Mami and Rikuto are coming with me and we’re going the day before anyway! There’s a steam train in Kakegawa which Rikuto wants to ride on. You’d think they might want to cheer me on while I race to go sub-3:30, but no, they’re going to a flower park instead. Oh well, I guess standing around watching people run isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Does your family cheer you on?

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