Chocolate Through the Post

In response to my post about Japanese convenience stores only selling four different chocolate bars (Snickers, Aero, KitKat and Time Out), my mum surprised me by sending one of the best gifts I could have wished for from England… I particularly like the chocolate fingers! Thanks mum! P.S. I think I was supposed to share them with Rikuto, but come on, he’s just a baby! For now, I’ll put the […]

Rikuto at 15 Months [Video]

Here’s a five-minute video of Rikuto at 15 months of age. He’s slowly taking his first steps, but he’s having more fun playing on the grass and slides at Oasis Park, which I’ll talk about more in a future post. If you can’t watch the video, you can find it here on YouTube. P.S. I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of this video, but I don’t really know what […]

Children, On Sale!

I recently asked my parents to dig out my birth certificate because I need it to get Rikuto his own British birth certificate. When my mum emailed me to say she found it, I started to reply…”Thanks mum! There aren’t any surprises, are there? I’m not adopted from a small African nation, am I?” I thought it was funny when I wrote it, but the smile was wiped off my […]

Rikuto Playing the Keyboard #2

Here’s a quick video of Rikuto at the shopping center playing on the keyboard. If you missed the video of him playing when he was just 4 months old, watch it here. We think he plays like an angel. His music is poetry to our ears! If you can’t see the video, try watching it here on YouTube. IMPORTANT! I must tell you that Ricky’s granny wrote a lovely poem […]

Rikuto, September 2008

My mum has been hassling me, quite rightly, for some photos and video of her grandson. Here are a couple of pictures after his accident with the lamp, and a video of him crawling, trying to walk and then trying to sleep. If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I’d love to hear from you!

Lamp Smashes on Rikuto’s Head

After staying up late last night to upgrade JapanSoc, I was woken abruptly this morning by a loud smash, a scream, crying, a further scream from my wife, and then the vision of Rikuto’s face covered in blood! An obstacle course Rikuto is getting squirmy, and by that I mean he can squeeze through or climb over all kinds of obstacles. I thought we had done a pretty good job […]

Higashiyama Summer Festival 2008

It’s been a long day. Mami was helping set up our neighborhood festival at 8am while I stayed home with Rikuto and nursed my broken toe. Later in the day, Ricky’s grandma and aunt came to look after him while I joined Mami at our “Mitarashi dango” stand where we ended up making 720 sticks of dango. We didn’t get home till after 10pm, both exhausted, but at least we […]

Rikuto Plays Peekaboo

Rikuto loves hiding behind things then surprising us. Sometimes he hides behind the curtain, other times he ducks down behind the coffee table than pops his head up with a beaming smile… before he ducks out of view again. Here he is playing peekaboo with his towel. If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I’d love to hear from you!