Inexperienced Gardener vs Tree Stump

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know I’ve been trying to uproot a tree stump. Here are some pictures to show you what all the fuss was about. First, an old one from 2008. I don’t have a picture of the tree itself, but I think it was 3 to 4 meters tall. We had a guy from Benry come round and cut it down, leaving just a harmless […]

Ramsay Ramblings 2010-03-01

It’s just ticked over into March, which gets me one month closer to warmer weather. Actually we’ve had a pretty warm week anyway and I even splatted my first mosquito of the year. So what’s going on in the life of Nick Ramsay? My Online Life Most of my waking hours are spent on the internet, which is kind of ironic considering how rarely I update this blog now. The […]

Ramsay Ramblings 2009-12-05

What’s going on? It’s a pretty miserable day outside my window. Gray skies, light rain and a bit on the chilly side. Rikuto has gone to the hospital with his mum to get his flu jab, while I’m trying to fight off another cold. Making magic Most of my time is spent working on Hotaru CMS with some great lads from the U.S, Scotland, Italy and Japan. This is something […]

Ex-Meitetsu Mino Station

I took the family in the car for a short drive north through Gifu prefecture to Mino, a beautiful city, known as the home of Japanese paper (washi). Reminiscent of Kyoto and Takayama, Mino has streets filled with traditional houses and many shops selling paper lanterns. As fascinating as all that is, our 2-year-old boy much prefers trains, so off we went to the former Meitestsu Mino Station! The Meitetsu Mino […]

I’m a Programmer – It’s Official

If you were fresh out of school and moving to Japan for 10 years, what would you hope to achieve? No doubt you’d want to travel the country, learn about the culture and indulge in such oddities as Pachinko, Print Club, karaoke boxes and authentic sushi restaurants. But 10 years? You’d probably be keen to learn new skills and advance your career somehow. Actually, I’m not so sure anyone makes […]

God, I’m So Illiterate!

I’ve just come back from immigration where I went to hand in a double application for both spouse visa renewal and permanent residency. Everything seemed to be in order, but at the end I was asked to fill in a form that gave my permission for immigration to make copies of some documents. I may have been in Japan for over a decade, but my Japanese skills are sadly lacking. […]

Rikuto and Daddy Go Digging

Look what we did today! And a bit closer… Big thanks to the kind staff at Kakamigahara Caterpillar for letting two odd looking blokes waltz in off the street and request a demonstration. They even gave us a little digger to attach to my mobile phone. It’s got a movable diggy bit and zooms forward when you pull it back, making it the perfect companion for Ricky’s Choro-Q police car […]