Do Suicide Reports Increase Suicides?

Nearly two years ago, in “Copycat Japanese“, I wrote about how I thought the media’s sensationalistic reporting of teenage suicides was to blame for spurring on more suicides. Recently, this suspicion was confirmed when I found out about researcher David Phillips’ studies from the 1970’s that showed a significant increase in not only suicides, but also car accidents and plane crashes in the days after a suicide is reported in […]

Don’t Promise Your Kids a Toy this Xmas

I’m still reading through books on influence and persuasion, and in particular, how companies sucker consumers into buying their latest products. Here’s a tip I learned that I’d like to share with parents who might soon be asking what their children want for Christmas. Christmas sales and the after-shock The run up to Christmas is booming business for toy stores, but what happens in the couple of months after they […]

Do You Read Self-Help Books?

I don’t read many books. I usually prefer to strain my eyes and induce headaches by reading content on the web. Right now, however, I am half way through How to Win Friends and Influence People, a book written by Dale Carnegie in 1936! Disclaimer: The above link is an Amazon affiliate link and yes, I am trying to make a quick buck off my readers. However, at least the […]