53% Still Use Internet Explorer 6

Do you use Internet Explorer 6.0? According to my web stats, 53% of IE users who visit this blog are still on version 6 of Microsoft’s web browser. In all fairness, unless you live behind a computer like I do, you probably aren’t even aware that Microsoft released version 7 in November 2006 to combat all the viruses that IE6 (and therefore Windows itself) was vulnerable to. Besides the security […]

88% use Internet Explorer

For the month of November, 88% of visitors to my Writing Wizard website use Internet Explorer, while only 7% use Mozilla Firefox. How does this affect my approach to web design? Well, although I check my sites in Firefox, if they don’t work correctly, I honestly don’t care! Tech-heads and Firefox fanboys will rave about tabbed browsing, rss web feeds, security and extensions. And yes, Firefox offers loads of extensions […]