Ramsay Ramblings 2009-08-02

Renewing my visa After being told it was too late to apply for permanent residency a few months ago, I recently tried to apply for a renewal of my spouse visa. Typical of me, I didn’t take half the documentation I needed so was sent home with instructions to gather the rest. Surprisingly, this time I was told to submit both my spouse and permanent residency applications together so I’m […]

Sleep Better with a Nose Band Aid

In my previous post about sleeping, I said that I get about 8 hours sleep a night, usually from 3am to 11am. What I didn’t tell you was my secret for getting a good night’s sleep. A big nose doesn’t help you breathe more easily I blogged about my big nose before, and while it may make me look dashingly handsome to Japanese women, it definitely doesn’t help me breathe […]

Does Rikuto Have His Dad’s Nose?

I was aware of it during my childhood, but as I got older less people mentioned it. Generally, in the U.K, people don’t run around pointing out how big your nose is. “Crikey! Your nose is huge!” is something I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. That was until I came to Japan, a country full of small nosed people who apparently think a big nose makes one more distinguished. Maybe […]