Which One is Not Rikuto?

Here’s a quick quiz for you. Below you can see five pictures of our son, Rikuto. However, one of them is an imposter! All you have to do is decide which is the odd one out. If you need to, you can enlarge the pictures for a better look. Click to enlarge: A, B, C, D, E Easy? Great! Now try this one. I’ll give you a hint. The odd […]

Rikuto on His Belly

Maybe it’s just because I’m his dad, but Rikuto is getting more adorable each day. Take a look at these photos of him on his front. He used to cry after just a few seconds on his belly, but now he seems to enjoy it. After looking at the last picture I posted of Rikuto, my Net Buddy was saying how quickly Rikuto is growing. Very true. Time is flying and it it […]

My Two Digital Cameras

It’s amazing how despite being in Japan for over ten years, I’ve never had a decent camera. This summer however, I bought two digital cameras in the space of two months! If you remember, I upgraded my mobile phone to a WIN W52H by Hitachi. The built-in 2.0 Megapixel camera can take great photos, giving you the choice of twilight, night view, sports, person, and all the usually Scene options. […]