Put Code Snippets in a WordPress Blog

I’ve installed WP-Syntax, a great plugin for WordPress that lets you add code snippets to your blog posts without losing all the formatting. You can use all manner of languages and even include line numbers if you want. Here’s a snippet from one of my math worksheet makers written in Perl: 5 use List::Util shuffle; # Use the Shuffle moduleuse List::Util shuffle; # Use the Shuffle module 166 167 168 […]

Programming and English teaching

When I was about nine, my parents bought me a Commodore 16 home computer, the little brother to the hugely successful Commodore 64. This was to be a turning point in my life as I started computer programming, which eventually led to me a degree in Computer Science. While I was never really mathematical, I loved problem solving, particularly when I could create the problems I would have to solve. […]