Happy Birthday! Let’s Disco!

October 14th marks my 32nd birthday, and that just makes me want to dance! You last saw me dancing with little Rikuto, but today it’s time to strut my stuff on the dancefloor with my wife. Enjoy the video!

Thank you to those of you who sent me cards and emails. Much appreciated!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Let’s Disco!

  1. Nick, that was one of the most fantastic things I have seen i recent memory! Happy Birthday!

  2. I forgot mate, even though Aimi reminded me aaaaah sorry!! Congrats and loved the dance!!! Now remember the conversation about you wanting Viagra, well I will get on to it as you are getting older haa haa haa!!!!
    I have a good supplier and will go to that dark corner in Kani (you know the one!) and it will come in a brown paper bag because it is our secret okay okay oaky!!!!!!
    Please do not worry Nick because I will keep this a secret!!!!!!


  3. Nicky poo, this time around the Viagra is free!!! Hey the movie you made staring Mike as the main star and me as police chief made me nearly cry laughing!!!
    We have to make a movie in Japan, we have tooooooooo!!!
    You can have Director rights just as long as I get to kill people!!! Mike could be my side-kick and we could call it the “Freddy got Fingered in Japan” oooooh please please please!!!


    Just for those who do not know, the above title is actually a real movie staring Tom Green and I’m not trying to be disgusting. (Oh okay I am just a little but really do not want to offend anyone!!)

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