Finding the Right Printer Cartridge

Our printerFor my wife’s last birthday, I bought her a top of the range colour printer from Canon. She actually wanted one of those mini photo printers so she could print pictures of the baby, but since my old printer wasn’t compatible with Vista, it was a good chance to upgrade.

It’s an awesome machine, and has the printer cartridges for seven different colours. That keeps the price down because you only have to buy the colour you need instead of a colour-combo cartridge. Anyway, I came across this great website called Cartridge Finder. It lets you do exactly as the name suggests, i.e. you look up your printer model and it gives you a list of websites selling the cartridges you need. It even shows you the prices so you can compare and get the best deal.

It’s easy to use and they support over 10,000 kinds of printer, copier and fax machines, so you’re sure to find what you need.

This post is sponsored by Cartridge Finder.

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