JapanSoc Poll – 3 Socs to Hit Front Page?

JapanSoc continues to grow. There have been 398 Japan-related articles submitted to the site since it started last November. On those articles, there have been 348 comments and 1159 votes. That means that each article has been soc’ed an average 2.9 times.

Hitting the JapanSoc front page

Currently, when an article is submitted to JapanSoc, it goes in the “Upcoming” queue. Two votes are needed for it to hit the front page and be added to the main rss feed. One vote is automatically given by the submitter, so only one other vote is necessary. With 67 registered users as I write this, almost everything is getting a second vote and making it off the queue.

The case for a 3 soc promotion requirement

  • Three votes would make sure only the best articles make it to the front page.
  • With fewer articles getting promoted, existing front page articles can get more exposure.
  • Users might promote JapanSoc more, encouraging people to soc their submissions.

The case against a 3 soc promotion requirement

  • Submissions might disappear down the Upcoming page before enough people see them.
  • Special interest topics might not get the exposure they deserve.
  • Users might be discouraged from submitting articles if it is harder to make the front page.

Time to vote… Voting has ended, and the “3 Soc Rule” is now in effect.

[poll id=”4″]

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11 thoughts on “JapanSoc Poll – 3 Socs to Hit Front Page?

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  2. Great idea – I’m all for it! By the way yo don’t have a category for tourism or sightseeing items in JapanSoc – was that intentional? I was thinking that when I soc’d my Tsukiji post. Most of us at some time or another post about a cool place that we have been to in Japan and it would be another way to generate traffic.

    1. Not intentional, just overlooked. As it is, I’d go for Japanese Culture or Foreigners in Japan for most sightseeing-type posts. I could add new categories, but that list in the sidebar is already far too long.

  3. Glad to see that it is up to 3.
    I missed the voting 🙁

    I just subscribed to your feed by email so I don’t miss anything (I don’t check my reader often enough). What about a subscribe by email for JapanSoc? (too many posts for that to work?)

    1. Yeah, FeedBurner does squeeze them all into a single daily email, but I don’t think it would work too well with social bookmarking. I do have a burned feed up and running so I might give it a test run, though.

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