Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls AEON English School

ArnieWhile I’ve been (and still am) waiting for my websites to move to their new web host, I’ve had some time to catch up on my favorite podcasts. One of those podcasts is from, and recently in Mike’s 82nd podcast, we got treated to this brilliant prank call to an AEON English school in Japan:

Arnold Calls English School

There are lots of similar ones on, and you’ll find a load of them here on YouTube, too. Go on, treat yourself to a few laughs! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls AEON English School

  1. God Nick that was the so funny and I’m sitting here in my office really cracking up!! I remember you telling me about it and it was brilliant. Can’t beleive that guy did not catch on haa haa haa!!
    Now if you could put something like that up everyday, it would really put me in a good mood to face my many monkeys haa haa haa!!


  2. Cheers! Glad you liked it. Ain’t Arney just a hoot. If you’re ever in Kobe, let me know.

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