14 thoughts on “Rikuto’s First Photo Shoot

  1. Lovely photos, Nick. Rikky looks fantastic. Where is the one with the two of you on as well

  2. Rikuto looks like such a happy boy and his smile is very endearing! I can’t decide which shot I like best but it looks like you definitely got your money’s worth.

  3. Geez Nick, I know everyone here is going to say how great those photos are and yes I’m right there with them. I know they cost a bundle but wow, they really did a great job of getting him to look at the camera and I’m even thinking about getting one with Mickey!!!
    I can’t believe he did not cry as Mickey looks quite scary considering how big he is. Off topic, when is his birthday???

    1. Let’s get a photo with Mickey together Keith, but you’ll first have to tell me an Anpanman joke first to get me smiling!

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