Ramsay Ramblings 6/12/2008

Here’s another installment of Ramsay Ramblings so you can keep up with all the exciting happenings in my neck of the woods…

Guns in Japan? Maybe so…

In response to the shocking attack in Akihabara over the weekend, some people were calling for guns to be made legal. I don’t know what the current laws are regarding firearms in Japan, but I was surprised to see this sign at my local lake. I can only assume that some areas do allow gun-hunting, so some people are allowed guns. Just seeing a sign like this gives me the willies. 😕

No Gun Hunting

Pondering the affect of TV-enabled phones

You know how most new Japanese cell phones play regular TV? Well, I was wondering what affect that might have on society when everybody has a TV-enabled phone. Can you imagine riding on a crowded train where every few minutes, half the passengers burst out in simultaneous laughter? What if you are watching TV on your phone and realize half a dozen people are watching over your shoulder? How about if you go out for drinks with a friend, and they suddenly pull out there phone so you can sit at the bar and watch TV together, or worse, make you wait till their favorite show has finished!

I bought my wife a present!

I recently bought Mami a present. This is quite a rare thing, but she does have to put up with me 24 hours a day now so it’s the least I could do. It’s not particularly romantic, but she was thrilled I got her a hedge trimmer. 😀

Taking Rikuto around the lake

It’s amazing how many great places there are in my own town that I haven’t been to before. I saw the above sign at Ogase Ike, a big pond in Kakamigahara, when I took Rikuto for a walk. Here are a couple more pictures.

Rikuto at Ogase Pond

This next one was taken on real grass! Yes, we actually found somewhere soft to kick a ball around when Rikuto gets bigger!

A little park with real grass by the pond.

More Rikuto…

Rikuto tried on his new outfit from a relative. Look he’s Pingu!

Rikuto in a Pingu suit

Here’s a video of Rikuto dragging himself along the floor as he improves his crawling skills. Watch him stand up and avoid being electrocuted!

Uninvited guests

We have a few uninvited guests staying at our place at the moment. I usually wouldn’t put up with a bird’s nest outside the front door because of all the poo, but they seem to keep the strange Japanese bugs away so I’m not complaining too much.

Birds Nest

That wraps up this episode of Ramsay Ramblings, but stay tuned for another one sometime!

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10 thoughts on “Ramsay Ramblings 6/12/2008

  1. Great video and I was also surprised to see the gun sign! Maybe you should get some covers for those electrical socket eh?

    1. Mum, there’s no need to worry. Japanese plug sockets have really narrow holes, about 2mm wide. There’s no chance Ricky can get his chubby little fingers in them. Not that I’m encouraging him to try though!

      You know, I just did a Google search and I can’t find a single example of someone who got an electric shock by putting their finger in a plug socket. Is it just a myth? Is it even possible?

  2. I also have bird nesting in my room’s upper window. They usually chirp in the morning. So, it’s a kind nature morning alarm for me…

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