My Official Net Buddy 4 Life

A message from Michael McKinlay

Today is Nick Ramsay’s birthday and because of this special day, I, Michael McKinlay, am guest authoring his blog. Nick is now 33 years old and over the past couple of years, I’ve really gotten to know Nick. So much so that I am his official net buddy 4 life. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you google “net buddy 4 life” and see what you get? Yep, it’s official. Our mantra much like Will Smith’s movie Bad Boys is “we surf together, we crash together!” Hmmm sounds a bit nerdy but I assure you that Nick is a bigger nerd than I am!

Anyway as you may have read Nick is moving his websites to his own virtual server. It sounds like its going to be messy but I’m sure he’ll get the job done! It’s unfortunate though since nobody will be able to comment on his blog until the process is completed, and who knows when that will be!

Nick is a stay at home dad in Japan of all places! Oh, he still has a job but it’s out there in cyberspace where electrons and neutrons clash to form the time vortex known as the internet. Nick has done quite a bit on the internet since giving up his day job and it will be interesting to see what he has going the next time his birthday comes around. Hmmmm I wonder…. I wonder!!!

Thanks NB4L! The server change is underway. Most of my sites now working on the new server. A few more to go, a few bugs to fix, and I’ve got to get my email working again, but hopefully it will all be done much sooner than expected, then I’ll open up the comments again. Update: Comments now open.

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “My Official Net Buddy 4 Life

  1. Thanks for taking over for Nick, Mike. I have heard so much about you and read your many comments on Nick’s website. I can’t believe my youngest baby is 33 today. I wonder if he still sucks his thumb.

    Happy Birthday Nick!

  2. Happy birthday, Nick! October is the best birthday month of the year, that’s for sure. If you get any good toys, please take pics and post them.

  3. Brought a tear to my eye! :: SOB :: So beautiful…

    Anyways, Happy Birthday Nick and congratulations on the speedy and problem free server move!

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