Chocolate Through the Post

In response to my post about Japanese convenience stores only selling four different chocolate bars (Snickers, Aero, KitKat and Time Out), my mum surprised me by sending one of the best gifts I could have wished for from England…

I particularly like the chocolate fingers! Thanks mum!

P.S. I think I was supposed to share them with Rikuto, but come on, he’s just a baby! For now, I’ll put the chocolate away somewhere safe… munch, munch, munch…

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9 thoughts on “Chocolate Through the Post

  1. Ha ha! Nick. I don’t know if your favourites are there but I am sure you will enjoy them. Don’t forget Mami!

  2. Nice! I haven’t had a Wispa since about 1996 lol didn’t know they were still around. I really want one now…

    Have you tried the Boost bar yet? I used to eat them all the time at school. I tried one a few months ago and nearly choked! It had so much sugar and tasted awful!

  3. Can you pass your mum my address? My mom’s not doing so well on the surprise chocolate care packages so far. Ha ha.

    Also – I couldn’t help but note a tendency to use rounded, whimsical bubble lettering / fonts on the bars in the picture. Is that a common thing for UK sweets? Just curious.

  4. That’s a stack of chocolate : ) What a lovely mum! You know it’s funny though, when I spend a couple of months back in the UK last year I didn’t touch the stuff. It’s when I’m here that I crave it. I guess it’s that age old thing of wanting what you can’t have.

  5. Yummy stuff. Love the Terry’s Chocolate Orange but almost anything chocolate will work for me 😉

    What I miss from Canada I can’t even find in the states – wine gums! Good British candy – is your Mum taking orders?

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