Winning Eleven 2009 PlayStation 3 Pack

I’m supposed to be too old for this kind of thing, but November 27th is when Sony launch a new PlayStation 3 bundle, complete with Winning Eleven 2009 and two controllers.

Winning Eleven is my greatest vice, and the only thing standing between me and a thousand hours lost to a new PlayStation is my wife. Will Mami give up her TV time to let me play games? Can I convince her that a new PlayStation will benefit Rikuto’s education? This is one item on my wishlist I might have to skip… unless I can sneak it into my office and plug it into my PC monitor…  hmmm….

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10 thoughts on “Winning Eleven 2009 PlayStation 3 Pack

  1. Hey, Nick, nobody’s ever too old for a PlayStation! Man, I’m telling you, my friend’s father who looks like he might be in his 60’s plays that thing and would you believe that he even asked my friend if he can have the PlayStation 3 bundle for Christmas?!! It’s unbelievable how this game was able to capture the interest of a lot of people from literally ALL generations worldwide. And you might just be sorry if you’ll cross this thing out from your wish list. I know I wouldn’t! 🙂

    P.S. Can you please post a product review once you already have the new Playstation 3? Thanks!!!

  2. Nick, if your wife puts the blockers up on this purchase, just cry. Cry like a baby and curl up in the fetal position. She’ll either be really sorry for you or scared witless. Either way, you’re playing Winning Eleven in the comfort of your own home, my friend.

  3. But if you get the European version of Pro Evo Nick, you can download an option file that will give you all the proper kits, names and even chants. At least for the Premier League anyway.

    Not sure if one will be available for the Japanese version.

  4. Nick, won’t you ever grow up. If you do what billywest suggests Mami will probably have you put away, then you won’t be able to play it at all. Ha ha!

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