Poem: A Cute Little Fellow

I while ago my mum wrote a poem about her relationship with the grandson she has only seen via a webcam. In her latest poem, she talks about his antics with phones and fire extinguishers. Very funny stuff…

I love my baby grandson, Ricky.
He’s such a cute little fellow to me.
He lives so far away in Japan,
A strange country across the sea.

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5 thoughts on “Poem: A Cute Little Fellow

  1. It’s technophile, not technophobe. Apart from that:

    There once was a blogger named Nick,
    Whose Mum’s poem upon I did click,
    I read right to the end,
    Then o’er the toilet I did bend,
    Its gooiness having made me quite sick!

    (Sorry Nick’s Mum!)

  2. When the opposition party tried to get in by bashing down the doors, they were sprayed with fire extinguishers and assaulted by the guards.

  3. My mom usually starts with rhyming poetry when thinking about me, but soon puts her head in her hands and says, “I can’t do this…
    I just can’t.” And then, as always, she glares at me with fire in her eyes and shouts, “You little turd! I’m gonna slap the shyte outta you!”

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