Ramsay’s Round Up – April 9, 2013

I was feeling pretty sore after last week’s 32K run, during which I hurt my knee and made the pain in my foot much worse. I didn’t realize how sore my foot was until I went for a 4km walk the next day.

I took the rest of the week off from running, but went swimming twice and did two 20km bike rides at night, the second of which I finished in under an hour, which is pretty fast for me on my mountain bike.

When Saturday came around again, I was ready for my final long run before the Kakegawa Marathon. 20km, while sensible, didn’t sound enough so I cycled 37km immediately before the run, turning it into a “brick workout”.

I made it through the run, but at a cost. I had a really bad strain behind the knee (maybe a slightly pulled hamstring), and while not as bad as the previous week, my foot was hurting again. I was also troubled by the knee pain from the week before. All of this, of course, was on the same leg which makes me think there’s some kind of domino effect going on, where one injury causes the next.

Anyway, this final week before Kakegawa is one of complete rest. At most, I’ll take a walk and do a very short, easy run a couple of days before the race to see how I’ve recovered. I’m using the RICE method of rest, ice, compression and elevation, and already I’m feeling a lot better.

I’ll write up my Kakegawa race plan very soon.

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