Ramsay Ramblings – August 10th, 2021

Ramsay Ramblings is back after a 10 year absence – woohoo! This is where I clear my head of all the things I want to say, smashed together in a single blog post. Let’s get started:

The Covid Olympics

Like 80% of Japan, I was opposed to hosting the Olympics in the middle of a pandemic. The Coronavirus outbreak, days after the closing ceremony, is currently the worst it has ever been in this country. I’m not vaccinated yet, and probably won’t be until October because there aren’t enough vaccines or people allowed to administer them. Teaching groups of kids every day really has me worried with this Delta variant on the loose.

Money Matters

I’ve only invested a very small amount into the stock exchange and cryptocurrencies so far, but both are showing a profit at the moment. I realize I have to play the long game, like 10 to 20 years, but I can’t help checking the numbers everyday. 🙂

I’ve been planning to invest money into two tax-exempt saving programs, iDeCo and NISA, but I’m waiting to open a Rakuten Bank account first. Typically with applying for anything in Japan, I’m having problem after problem because of my middle name.

AppleTV+ and YouTube

After cancelling Netflix, I filled my time with AppleTV+, watching some superb shows like Ted Lasso, Little Voice, For All Mankind, Physical and Trying. Unfortunately, I probably gorged too much on my free one-year subscription and have nothing left to watch!

And so I’ve turned to YouTube. I’m particularly drawn to Russell Brand (politics, comedy), Davie504 (bass guitar, comedy), The Minimalists, Alex Becker (self-improvement) and Erika Kullberg (personal finance). For music, I’m still completely addicted to Mabes, Maisie Peters and the Little Voice soundtrack.

Obon Holiday

My school is closed this week for Japan’s Obon holiday season, but I’m still teaching online through DMM Eikaiwa. I’m also continuing to work on my Eiken English test website (英検練習問題). I hope it gets some traction when the next round of tests begin in October. If you want to help me pad the numbers, a sub to my Nick’s English YouTube channel would be most welcome!

It’s not all work, work, work though. We had a typhoon blow through here and take all the heat away with it, for a couple of days at least. My son and I took advantage of the cooler weather and strong winds to hit the mountain trails.

And that marks the end of this episode of Ramsay Ramblings! Tune in again next time, and Happy Obon! 😀

If you like, you can find me on Twitter at @nick_ramsay. I'd love to hear from you!

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