He’s Just a Little Sumo Baby!

With the all the negative publicity sumo is getting, and the lack of native Japanese newcomers to the sport, Mami and I felt this would be a great opportunity to let Rikuto keep this great Japanese tradition alive. Sure, he may not be “100% pure“, but none of the top sumo wrestlers are. Apparently, at the time of writing, the top two wrestlers are Mongolian. Arudou Debito has some interesting […]

Holding Rikuto Upright

It’s nearly two and a half months since Rikuto was born and both Mami and I are relieved to see his neck is getting stronger – strong enough to support his head… for a moment or two. Until now, we’ve had to hold Riku in the cradle position because babies tend to have whopping big heads which their bodies can’t support. Riku is no different, although I think his sumo-sized […]

Rikuto Gets Vocal

Rikuto is still a long way off speaking yet, but that doesn’t stop him trying to communicate. In this video, he gets quite vocal on a number of important issues. I don’t know what he’s trying to say, but it’s fun imagining. Maybe he’s giving his thoughts on Japan’s new prime minister, or perhaps he’s surprised at the fall of the U.S dollar! At the end of the video, I’m […]

Rikuto Turns 2 Months Old

Rikuto is two months old today, and I was over at BabyCenter.com reading up on what to expect this month. Here’s the gist of it: Week 1: Rikuto should be able to recognize colors, rather than just seeing things in two tones or depending on brightness. They recommend we break out the stuffed animals, soft balls and plastic cookie cutters! He should also be able to differentiate familiar voices and […]

Rikuto: Turning on the Tears

Our baby boy, Rikuto, is exactly eight weeks old today and he’s learning very quickly how to get what he wants. This video shows what happens when you take away his dummy. Before you jump on me with accusations of child abuse, let me reassure you that no babies were hurt in the production of this video! If you have problems seeing the video, try watching it here on YouTube.com. […]

Three weeks into fatherhood

It’s been an experience like no other, but three weeks after Rikuto’s birth, I’m slowly adapting to fatherhood. Here are 10 observations from a new father: Rikuto loves his dummy (or pacifier for my American readers), but when I can’t find it, I let him suck on my knuckles! He doesn’t notice the difference. 😉 Rikuto is very aware of sounds, particularly ice cubes and the sound effect from my […]

Baby in Progress – Meet Rikuto!

Friends, family, and first-time visitors. After blogging about my wife’s pregnancy for much of the last year, our son, Rikuto, was finally born at 9:25am on Sunday, July 22nd 2007, at the prefectural hospital, Gifuken Sougou Iryou Center. I rushed Mami to the maternity clinic at 5:30 in the morning, and it wasn’t long before the doctor realized that her unusually high blood pressure and still too-narrow “escape route” would […]