Three weeks into fatherhood

It’s been an experience like no other, but three weeks after Rikuto’s birth, I’m slowly adapting to fatherhood.

Here are 10 observations from a new father:

  1. Rikuto loves his dummy (or pacifier for my American readers), but when I can’t find it, I let him suck on my knuckles! He doesn’t notice the difference. 😉
  2. Rikuto is very aware of sounds, particularly ice cubes and the sound effect from my camera when I take a photo. When he won’t stop crying, I take him for a walk around the house. He likes that.
  3. Daddy doesn’t have boobs.
  4. When Rikuto passes wind, it’s really loud… like an adult!
  5. Apparently, babies gain 30 grams a day, which really adds up. Rikuto’s face has really filled out and his legs just keep getting longer. He may be cute, but he’s a kicker!
  6. He poos, he poos, and he poos. Okay, so I expected that, but what I didn’t imagine was him thrashing his legs around in the poo-covered nappy (sorry, diaper) when you try and change it.
  7. Babies are fragile. You’ve got to hold all their body parts together until their bones get stronger.
  8. Why do diapers have cute pictures on them? They’re only cute the first time you see them. When you’re changing them 15 times a day, you’d wish they’d leave off the pictures and lower the price.
  9. Rikuto is oblivious to almost everything. He doesn’t even know those hands and feet waving in the air around him are his own!
  10. Babies won’t let you sleep. Ever.

Rikuto: Gotta keep on suckin'

Bear with me while I come to grips with the feeding, nappy-changing routine. The physical changes in Rikuto over the last three weeks are astounding. It won’t be long until I can get started with some real parenting!

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8 thoughts on “Three weeks into fatherhood

  1. Hey Daddy!

    Nice post! Took you long enough! haha! Anyway he is so cute and I hope that he will be your #1 son! He’s your son! He’s your son!!!!

  2. Has it been three weeks already? Time sure flies 🙂

    #10 is too true. When my youngest sister was born, nobody in the house could sleep unless she was tired, and even then it was only a few hours of rest at a time.

    Hopefully little Rikuto will adjust and sleep through the night soon 🙂

  3. He is just way too cute!

    Now you know the real meaning of tired – I can remember putting strange things into the refrigerator and would eat my dinner cold on many occasions! But one morning you wake up and realise they’ve slept through the night – woohoo!

    And yes they change physically so much in the first year! Before you know it you’ll be chasing him around the house.

    Best wishes to you all and keep the photos coming!

  4. hey, mate,
    great post. he is adorable!!! I remember bringing molly home from the hospital and rachel and i thinking that we were gonna take it in turns to get up with her throught the night. But the first few nights we were both up every time !!! she sleeps right through most of the time now, so it does get easier, believe me!!

  5. Yes some children sleep through from an early age, unfortunately Molly wasn’t one of them, Hope Rikuto sleeps through for you as I don’t think you ever get used to not sleeping.

  6. Nick, I have just seen your video blog. it was great. I hope you do more of them. I also love your latest blog. It reminds me of you when you were little.

  7. That’s so cool that you can now take video with something as simple as a tiny digital camera… It would have been so cool if I was born now and my very first moments of life recorded. When I got older, I’d be able to see what I was like when I was a child.

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