The 145km Giant Salamander Ride

I’ve said before that I have a tendency to overdo things, and despite being so restrained over the last few weeks I got carried away and made a sudden decision to cycle farther than I ever have before. With little planning, I left home just before 5am and headed north into the mountains on my Giant Defy road bike. The idea was to head towards Gujo, cross the Otoge pass […]

Bikes, Boars and Hay Fever

Saturday was the day I got my first ever road bike, a Giant Defy 1, and she’s a beauty. I’ve taken her out for a couple of rides when the weather has been good and I look forward to some long journeys later in the year. On Sunday, I got myself a headlamp and took to the mountains for my first ever nighttime trail run. Despite the darkness, it took […]

Pikachu and Bicycle Bells

A co-worker of mine has that book, You Know You’ve Been in Japan Too Long…, and from it I learned the true meaning of the name, Pikachu. What does Pikachu mean? Apparently it comes from the Japanese, pikapika, which means to glitter or sparkle, and chuchu, which is the sound a mouse supposedly makes in Japan. Put it together and you get Pikachu, meaning “sparkly mouse”, or more appropriately “electric […]