Three weeks into fatherhood

It’s been an experience like no other, but three weeks after Rikuto’s birth, I’m slowly adapting to fatherhood. Here are 10 observations from a new father: Rikuto loves his dummy (or pacifier for my American readers), but when I can’t find it, I let him suck on my knuckles! He doesn’t notice the difference. 😉 Rikuto is very aware of sounds, particularly ice cubes and the sound effect from my […]

I’m gonna be a daddy!

I’m not sure how reliable these pregnancy tests are, but it looks like I’m going to be a daddy! What with the news yesterday that our mortgage request has been approved and now the likelyhood of Mami and I becoming parents next year, it’s been quite a weekend! Sure, it could be a false alarm, but the test result is clear to see: If you haven’t already subscribed to this […]