Japan Disaster Prevention Information

To help you understand the point of this post, I’ve recorded a little video of the view from my bedroom window. You’ll need to watch the video before I delve into the topic of “disaster prevention information” in Japan. My peaceful neighborhood in Japan If you can’t view the video, you can watch it here on YouTube. What was that and why should I care? What you just saw was, […]

Rikuto Goes Cherry Blossom Viewing

Mami and I braved the wind to show Ricky some cherry blossoms. Not many of the trees had fully bloomed, and Rikuto wasn’t too impressed, but any excuse for another family video! 🙂 I do apologize for the music. It originally had a different soundtrack with one of my favorite tunes. I was even going to offer cash prizes to those of you could name the song! Unfortunately, Mami didn’t […]