God, I’m So Illiterate!

I’ve just come back from immigration where I went to hand in a double application for both spouse visa renewal and permanent residency. Everything seemed to be in order, but at the end I was asked to fill in a form that gave my permission for immigration to make copies of some documents. I may have been in Japan for over a decade, but my Japanese skills are sadly lacking. […]

Getting ready to move

A few months ago, I posted about buying a house and getting a mortgage in Japan. There were times when I didn’t think it would be possible without a permanent residency visa, but eventually we managed it… and we move next week! If you’re thinking of buying a house in Japan, you might want to consider getting a mortgage through Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ bank. They were the only bank that […]

Getting a mortgage in Japan

In What is Yakudoshi? I told you that Mami and I were looking for a house and being a foreigner, I might encounter some problems with getting a mortgage. This post is an update on that. Assuming I wouldn’t be able to get a loan from a Japanese bank because I don’t yet have permanent residency, we took a break from house hunting for a while. However, we still got […]