10 Predictions for Japan 2008

Happy New Year everybody! And what a great start… I won the Nenmatsu Jumbo lottery! Actually, that’s a bald-faced lie, but I did win $25 from Jason in his post, Time to Give Away Some Cash. Whoo-hoo! 😀 10 Predictions for 2008 in Japan Back in December, after watching how easily Brazilian “Psychic” Jucelino Nobrega da Luz convinced Japanese TV audiences of his mystical powers, I thought I’d try my […]

Kazuko Hosoki predicts a great year!

Well for me at least. Apparently I’m a Tennoseijin (a kind of sun sign, I think) which is derived from my date and time of birth, and every 12 years you get one great year. Though I don’t follow astrology, or even read my horoscope, my wife does and she seems to know a lot. Most of Mami’s knowledge of astrology comes from reading Kazuko Hosoki’s books. The ‘queen’, as […]