Baby in Progress – 9 months pregnant

It’s been a while since my wife and I got a decent picture of our baby boy from the maternity clinic, but now we finally have one that doesn’t look like a cloudy bowl of miso soup. In my post “Making the Baby Bed“, I talked about how pregnancy in Japan lasts 10 months, so although Mami is nine months pregnant, she’s actually only in week 33, with another six […]

Baby in Progress – 4 months pregnant

It’s been four months now since Mami became pregnant and I’ve been posting each time she’s come back from the clinic with a new photo. If you missed the previous posts, here are the photos so far. It’s fascinating to see how ‘Peanut’ has grown. We started at six weeks with nothing visible except for a tiny nutrient bag.. Just one week later and we got to see Peanut for […]

Baby in Progress – Week 9

Mami is in her third month of labor now, and ‘Peanut’ is making some great progress. You can now clearly see his or her head, hands and feet! It’ll be another month before Mami goes back to the clinic so I can’t wait to see how much Peanut will have grown by then. Stay tuned! Peanut at 6 weeks: Peanut at 7 weeks: Peanut at 9 weeks: If you like, […]

Baby in Progress – Week 7

Mami has been back to the clinic and had another scan. Peanut (working title!) is currently in his or her seventh week, and is starting to look more and more like….erm… Casper the friendly ghost? If you missed the last photo, “Peanut at 6 weeks”, here it is: Peanut at 7 weeks: So apparently Peanut is the right-hand blur in the big black bubble. The circle on the left of […]