Remembering our wedding

With all the excitement of Rikuto’s birth, I completely forgot about our second wedding anniversary! Mami and I tied the knot two years ago today, so I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane and tell you about how special that day was. We officially registered our marriage on the 22nd, now Rikuto’s birthday, but had the ceremony on a warm, slightly overcast yet otherwise perfect Sunday in […]

High-tech yakiniku

To celebrate Mami’s pregnancy, we went out for yakiniku with her mum, sister and her husband. Yakiniku restaurants are big business in Japan, and are often so crowded you have to wait ages to get a seat, as we did on Sunday. Once seated though, we got to experience the next step in restaurant technology by ordering from a computerized menu. The menu looks like an oversized gameboy with a […]

The 12-course dinner

Well, I’m still a bit hungover and definitely still full after last night’s dinner with Mr. H and his staff. Mr. H is the student of mine that introduced us to ballroom dancing. Despite having turned 70, he still knows how to party! He picked us up in a taxi and took us all the way to Seki city. My wife was relieved when Mr. H turned down my offer […]