Sleep Better with a Nose Band Aid

In my previous post about sleeping, I said that I get about 8 hours sleep a night, usually from 3am to 11am. What I didn’t tell you was my secret for getting a good night’s sleep. A big nose doesn’t help you breathe more easily I blogged about my big nose before, and while it may make me look dashingly handsome to Japanese women, it definitely doesn’t help me breathe […]

If You Could Only Sleep for 1 Hour, Would You?

One of my students was telling me about a magazine article she read on the topic of sleep. Apparently, a famous doctor claims that if you sleep on a hard floor, you only need two hours of sleep each night! How much sleep do you get? It seems most people agree on the need for 7-8 hours sleep. My typical sleeping hours are 3am-11am. Not ordinary, but that’s what happens when you’re an […]

Rikuto Sleeping with his Big O Ball

Recently, after he discovered his hands, Rikuto has been sucking his fingers and using them to grasp anything within reach.  Today we took him to AEON Kakamigahara and paraded him around the shopping center in his little pushchair. Since he’s starting to use his hands, we thought we’d get him a Big O Ball, a rubber ball described by Library Style as… a 7.5 inch ball full of finger holes that is incredibly easy to catch, captivating […]